The Vale of Callus is a lush green valley with rolling hills and game laden forests, bisected to the northeast and southwest by the river Tempest . It is not however without its problems. There is no way known way out of the Vale. People arrive in the Vale from the outside world, appearing in a bright green flash. There are rumours that some are able to escape from the Vale, but they either will not share their knowledge or turn out to be frauds.

On all sides the vale is surrounded by a thick green mist that is seemingly immune to magic's both arcane and divine, and goes on for as long a person can travel by foot for a day (people entering the mist and traveling away from the vale re-enter it, appearing from the mists at a random location on the edge of the Vale after this time. People traveling together do not necessarily re-enter the vale in the same location as their companions).

Unfortunately people are not the only things that appear in bright green flashes: objects as well as other creatures both fair and foul also arrive in this fashion. It is up to those that arrive in the Vale to survive as best they can. Is there a way to escape the Vale and if so can others also exit the Vale in a similar manner.