There are five major towns in the Vale of Callus with wildly fluctuating populations.

Dorset: (pop 10,000+) Located to the NW of the Vales centre. Primarily a human settlement with numerous other races also found. The primary rulers here are members of the Dark Talon.

Ark Torce: (pop 10,000+) Located to the NE of the Vales centre.Ark Torce is the tree city through which the River Tempest runs. It is home to most of the elves and eldarin who find themselves in the Vale (though definitely not all of them). Many other fey creatures also reside in this city which is surrounded on all sides by lush forest. The primary rules here are members of the Emerald Maw.

Trem: (pop 30,000+) The most central of the major towns in the Vale. Here there are virtually no racial boundaries with races of all kinds finding a home within Trem's walls. The primary rulers are members of the Puritan Wing.

Drakkor: (pop 10,000+) Located to the SW of the Vales centre. The primary rulers are members of the Blood Thanes.

Wateridge: (pop 10,000+) Located to the SE on the edge of the southern ocean. The primary rulers are members of the Sapphire Guard.