Mutant: Year Zero

New page for any games we play using the Mutant: Year Zero system.

27th March 2017: Added a home made character sheet. Ark sheet still in progress.
27th March 2017: Add Shane McLeans MYZ Map Tutorial and link to his templates

Eemceegee Zone Map (made using Shane McLeans Tutorial below)


Shane McLeans Map Tutorial & Template Links


NB: Save Often

  1. Get map of required area (from Stamen website) using their watercolour feature.
  2. Click <image> and set image size to 2000 x 1200 pixels.
  3. Move image are to section required and size to requirements then click "Make"
  4. When processing complete, click on link provided. Save/copy into
  5. Resize image to 5000 width, keeping aspect ration to give 5000x3000 pixels
  6. Copy resized image and paste it into "Template", making sure to paste it into the "Map" layer
  7. Close original image keepign template and pasted image open
  8. Pick colour for the water (colours for picking layer)
  9. Activate red background layer & then reactivate Map layer
  10. Select "map" layer and using magic wand (set tolerance to whatever seems to work best) and select water areas (if tolerance makes it select outside actual water areas remember that, water areas may have changed since the apocalypse)
  11. Click on "Water" layer and hit the Delete key, if you select Water layer now should see through it to the Map layer, showing what you deleted.
  12. Use paint fill to now click on coloured regions on Water layer, should infill with the water base colour chosen previously.
  13. Now use brush and fill tool to tidy up water areas until satisfied.
  14. Add any new water regions that you like.
  15. Once all water is completed use Magic Wand to delete the white areas from the Water layer
  16. Deactivate the Water layer
  17. Go to Maps layer. Using Magic Wand select roads and adjust tolerance level until happy with amount of surviving roads.
  18. Click on Roads layer and click delete.
  19. Deactivate all layers above the Colours for picking layer, go to it and use eyedropper to select roads colour. Deactivate Picking layer.
  20. Activate Roads layer and go to it. use bucket tool to infill all of the roads.
  21. Select magic Wand tool and use it to select and delete all the black areas from the Roads layer. Can be fiddly and take a bit of time to get them all.
  22. Deactivate (or delete) the Map layer.
  23. Activate Roads and Water Layers.
  24. Add texture images either by adding them as a layer or opening them and then copy and pasting them into the appropriate layers (Paper texture, Discoloration, Mould).
  25. Add a New Layer, change name to Mask and move it to be above Mould layer and below Water layer.
  26. On Mask layer using a thick brush in black to outline areas of Mould you want to keep. Then using fill tool to fill in bits your don't want, making them all black.
  27. Go to Mould layer, use Magic Wand to select black area you don't want and Delete it. Delete Mask layer. Use eraser to adjust areas as required.
  28. Now at base map level.
  29. If water doesn't stand out enough, go to outline object (may need to download and install effects)
  30. Make any adjustments to water and road layers as required.
  31. Add any symbols/writings etc onto Zone markings layer.
  32. Play with opacity of layers to get look you like.
  33. Make any other changes and select layers you want then save/export image.