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  • Elyse - Revolutionise your file management with the Elyse tag-based file manager. Sort and group all types of files effortlessly with drag and drop tagging. Let Elyse automatically deal with duplicate files. Build and re-arrange tag hierarchies.

Wikidot Info

I'm also going to keep some info just below for editing wikidot pages


To place an anchor use [[# anchor-name]] syntax. To refer to an anchor (and scroll to it) use [#anchor-name text to display].

Table of Contents

To create a list of every heading, with a link to that heading, put a table of contents tag on its own line.

[[f>toc]] - right-float table of contents
[[f<toc]] - left-float table of contents
Note that the table of contents creates a bookmark called "#toc".

If you want a particular heading NOT to appear in the table of contents, append the pluses with an asterisk, like this:

+ This section appears in the TOC
+* And this one does not
++* Neither does this one

Color in Text

##blue|predefined## or ##44FF88|custom-code## color predefined or custom-code color

header header header
cell-content test cell-content
cell-content cell-content cell-content

Tabs Within A Page

[[tab Name of Tab1]]
Content of tab 1 goes here
[[tab Name of Tab2]]
Content of tab 2 goes here

Content of tab 1 goes here

Recent Forum Activity

[[div style="float:left; width:30%; padding:1%;"]]
+++ Recent topics
[[module MiniRecentThreads limit="5"]]
[[div style="float:left; width:30%; padding:1%;"]]
+++ Most active topics
[[module MiniActiveThreads limit="5"]]
[[div style="float:left; width:30%; padding:1%;"]]
+++ Recent posts ([[[forum:recent-posts|+more]]])
[[module MiniRecentPosts limit="5"]]

Adventure Log Conventions

1. Always write in the PAST tense.
2. Dates are 3 cross headings. eg.

3rd October

3. Include Bolded Subtitles along the way.
4. Use actual DND conventions such as italics (but not capitals) for spell names and bold for the first time a creature shows up. eg in the cave were 3 goblins.
5. Use italics for proper nouns from the setting; NPCs and Places, but not the active PCs.
6. Summarise. Don't include every detail. For eg. In a fight, don't include what everyone did. Only note if there was anything that really stood out, and that the fight was won/lost (or other outcomes).
7. You can write each entry without starting with "The PCs", "the party" etc. Just summarise as if this is stated.


Advanced Table Control

Heading 1 Heading 2
test 1 test 2

[[table style="border: 1px solid black;"]]
[[hcell style="padding: 10px; background-color: #DDEEDD; border: 1px solid silver;"]]Heading 1[[/hcell]]
[[hcell style="margin: 0px;"]]Heading 2[[/hcell]]
[[row style="background: orange; border: 1px solid black;"]]
[[cell style="padding: 10px; background-color: #DDEEDD; border: 1px solid silver;"]]test 1[[/cell]]
[[cell]]test 2[[/cell]]

Table Control Links

Layout With Tables
New table layout with ROW and CELL tag
Table Attributes

or just write a table in html code and insert it. A HTML Table Generator can be found HERE



To get columns on pages or in forums that look like this:


  1. Pre 1967 - Blair
  2. 1967