Hookhill Campaign

Setting created for the testing of DnD Next.


At this stage I am thinking we will just use the same PC's as provided for the initial play test session.

This was going to be a base DnD setting with the gods the same as those as in 4E (i.e.World of Greyhawk). Thinking about it a bit more it will now be a proper Vale of Callus (VoC) campaign but as we don't have enough rules to do a lot of things at this stage and we will be using the current play test characters I have decided that powers bestowed by Pelor = Valor (VoC) and Moraddin = Callus. By this I mean that the characters are still worshipers of the gods as stated in the character sheet but in the VoC those powers will be given to the characters by the Gods of the Vale.

I will be updating this page as I do more.