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The Grey Wardens

"Men and women from every race; warriors and mages, barbarians and kings…"

“The Grey Wardens hold a lonely vigil, enduring lives of hardship and sacrifice to protect the world from an evil that can never truly be conquered. Few would volunteer for this: the suffering, isolation, and promise of a violent death. But the path of a Warden is also one of valor, and those who give themselves to the cause are rewarded with the knowledge that they have become something more than they were"
—Duncan, Ferelden's Commander of the Grey

The Grey Wardens are an order of warriors of exceptional ability dedicated to fighting darkspawn throughout Thedas. They are headquartered in the very place of their founding, the Weisshaupt Fortress in the Anderfels, but maintain a presence in most other nations as well.

The Grey Wardens are known for ignoring a recruit's racial, social, national, and even criminal background if they deem the person valuable in terms of character, ability or skill.

Despite their small numbers, the Grey Wardens have been instrumental in defeating each Blight so far, and thus are vital to the survival of the world as a whole.

The Right of Conscription

Should they need to, the Grey Wardens possess the Right of Conscription; they may demand that any individual from king to criminal be drafted into their ranks. However — especially in Ferelden — this right is used sparingly for fear of political reprisal. Further complicating matters, the Grey Wardens don't accept just anyone. Only the best and brightest are invited. Despite the risks, however, some courageous souls do voluntarily seek out the order. Elves in particular tend to be eager to volunteer for the Grey Wardens, as they recruit regardless of race or social standing and serving is considered by many an honor. Mages are traditionally recruited from the Circle of Magi, and the young mage recruit serves as a Warden their entire life from then on. Similar to serving a ruler, yet greatly removed from the degradation they may normally face in society, mage Wardens are given great respect and importance in the Order. Their facilitation of the Joining ritual is essential.

Campaign Notes

  • PC's recruited by Duncan as possible members of the Grey Wardens.
  • PC's sent into the Kocari Wilds with Alister (a junior Grey Warden) to gather some Darkspawn blood as part of their initiation.
  • Kennel master asks PC's to get a special flower from the wilds to help with the healing of Mabari War Dog.
  • PC's find body of a missionary with directions to a treasure cache.
  • PC's battle several groups of Darkspawn as well as some Blight wolves.
  • PC's find trail marks of the Chassind, leading to something….