Arkadia Home

It is the awakening of a new age for humankind – twenty years after the Human-Gith War. Arkadia is a idea given substance. Its goal is to prevent another war by creating a place where humans and other races can work out their differences peacefully. It's a port, a home away from home, for adventurers, traders, diplomats, hustlers, entrepreneurs, and wanderers. Floating in the ocean… all alone means that it can be a dangerous place, but it's the last real hope for peace between the races.



Arkadia is a gigantic floating city located in approximately the center of a vast network of islands. Travel between the main island chains islands is dangerous and must take place across "dark water" which is shrouded in thick dark mists making it extremely difficult to see and navigate. Magical "Bridge" gates close to certain islands have been created which make navigation between the islands easier, though still dangerous. Essentially these "Bridges" create a tunnel between themselves which allow for travel. Those leaving these tunnels though are often lost to the dark water. Some ships have their own "Bridge" capability, though it is rare and extremely expensive.


Travel to islands that are in close proximity to one another is still possible via normal travel without the use of a "Bridge".

Arkadia can be divided into a number of different districts around the central region known as "The Hub".

The Hub: Includes various offices designated to the city watch and city leaders. In the center is the Eyrie, a large tower at the very center of the city from where the rulers run the city.

The Greenery: While there are a lot of little parks and gardens across the city, The Greenery is a large agricultural section which grows plants for food for the cities inhabitants. Most is grown hydroponically.

Down Below: There are levels and levels underneath the city streets which house sewers, water tanks, sewerage reclamation plants (Otyugh's are used to break it all down). Those who are down on their fortune often wind up here trying to scratch together a living.

The Docks: There are docks all around the city, some are commercial, some private and others military. This also includes military sections that are manned to protect the city from attack if required.

Diplomatic Quarter: Though it is called the "Quarter", the Diplomatic quarter is only a very small section that houses diplomatic envoys from non-human races living quarters and offices. It can only be accessed (legally) by the city guard, diplomatic staff, those with appointments and maintenance workers.

The Shadow Streets: A section of the city that was never completely finished due to a lack of funds. Strange occurrences are said to happen in these streets and they are restricted to city guard only.

Other: The remaining areas of the city comprise housing, industrial and commercial, taverns, shopkeepers, temples etc Some are of a higher quality than others and as such cost more to buy/rent.